Professional Technical Chemical Cleaning Services - Guaranteed

Chemical Cleaning Services, CCS provides our clients with a wide range of cleaning services Australia wide since 1982.

We pride ourselves on our superior quality of work and exceptional customer service, with all our work guaranteed.

CCS proudly supplies the world's fastest and safest bio-degradable descaler to ideally remove limescales and other scales from Industrial heat exchangers through to coffee machines. 



We are one of Australia's most experienced and qualified chemical cleaning company with a proud tradition servicing the industrial, Oil & Gas, Commercial and Maritime customers, including the Royal Australian Navy for over 30 years. On site or at our premises, we provide a wide range of services.

We offer the best solutions for your chemical cleaning needs for an extensive range of our clients' plant and equipment.  We have successfully completed many major projects at our cleaning facility, also within clients’ sites around Australia. Chemical Cleaning Services' procedures consider the environment through choosing the least waste generating methodology and use fully Bio-Degradable chemicals in most of our cleaning activities where possible.


Chemical Cleaning (Acid Cleaning) 

We carry out a variety of Chemical Cleans for different industries and industrial sectors on various systems such as Heat Exchangers (Coolers, Condensers or Evaporators), Charge Air Coolers, HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) and WHB (Waste Heat Boiler), Water and Fire Tubes Boilers, all sizes of Pipelines, Vessels, Tanks, HVAC systems, Cooling Towers, Fin Coolers and others.

Portable Hydro Static Pressure Pump.jpg

Hydro-Static Pressure Testing 

We perform Hydro Static Pressure Testing (Hydro Testing) to all different types of system, small or big. We are ready to serve you up to 400 bar by our portable pump.
Professional comprehensive report will be provided upon completion of work.
We follow the ideal procedures and standards recommended for the type of system we are testing.



Drains Cleaning and Unblocking

Chemical Cleaning Services (CCS) is capable and fully equipped to perform camera (CCTV) inspection, unblocking  and cleaning of residential, commercial and industrial drains.

All What your drains need is what we provide.


Pickling and Passivation 

Our company, Chemical Cleaning Services ( CCS), is capable of performing Pickling and Passivation of all grades of stainless steel. We successfully pickled and passivated almost all types of stainless steel pressure vessels, tanks, pipelines, spools, evaporators, Reverse Osmosis headers, and others as per guidelines of ASTM A380 & 967. 

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Descaling & Flushing of Vacuum pipelines

Cee-Bee MR Maritime specialist products are proven industry leaders in cleaning of all types of vacuum pipeline systems.
We can remove the urine scales build-up of the vacuum toilets using very practical technology that gives no  hassle to the owner/user of the toilets. Very economic dosage of the descaler and automatic dosing system will have the job done.
Toilets can remain in operation while servicing is performed.


Tank De-Sludge and Cleaning 

CCS's tank cleaning operations are an excellent example of the way in which we have adapted our machinery and methods to respond to diverse and often highly specialised challenges. Built by our own technicians, the tank cleaning unit is a mobile, highly efficient, high powered and cost-effective cleaning system which can also be used in conjunction with our chemical cleaning systems.

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Hot Alkaline Cleaning & Degreasing 

Chemical Cleaning Services (CCS) is able to remove residual oil and greases with the use of hot alkaline based cleaning solutions to restore the lost performance of your Charge air cooler, oil coolers and others.


High and Ultra High pressure Water Jetting 

With the environment your focus (and ours!) we can provide a range of non-intrusive surface and equipment preparation before projects are undertaken.

High and Ultra High Pressure water jet cleaning is quick and efficient and works on most unwanted deposits.


Vacuum Loading and Waste Removal 

A wide range of EPA licensed vacuum loading and transportation solutions – whatever the liquid waste and wherever it is.

Whatever your need we can supply equipment and staff at short notice.